A new year resolution

Should you or should you not have a new year resolution?

Everywhere I look I read about the phenomenon of resolutions. The top one on my facebook is people giving up drinking post year end binge.

I see articles, infographics, images, videos on resolutions that are short lived, on top resolutions made by people. The few common ones include losing weight, drinking less, working out, eating healthy, learning something new, dedicating more time to a hobby. This list can go on and all of us will relate to the wish to do most of the things listed here.

What is it about end of a year or starting of another that makes us wanting to change?

We all know the answer, it is beginning of something. It happens on our birthdays specially when we touch a milestone we are not quite eager to touch (read: any age post 24). It happens when we switch our job or buy something new or move to a new house. Anything new urges us to change. We resolve to do more new things when one is already in motion.

Some studies say that humans are not naturally inclined to change. So, when something changes we have the urge to roll in with the change. Our desire to conform to image we have created for ourselves in our head surfaces. We want to become better. We want to meet the standards which are perceived to be the right way of life. We are eager to change everything we can and make it correct. Even though many of these resolutions are short lived.

Why do we then make new years resolution. The answer again is simple and single  word РHope.

Resolutions bring hopefulness. We hope for a better world for ourselves. We hope that we will one day succeed. My school made us sing the song ‘we shall overcome’ quite often and now when I look back at the meaning of the song I see perseverance and hope it instils in us. Resolutions are all about hoping to become what you want to.

Keeping up the spirit of resolutions – making and breaking, I resolve to be more regular with writing. It may be short lived but this resolution brings in hopefulness that one day I will succeed in writing as often as I wish to.

Happy New Year everyone!