Feeling old

This weekend I went out and partied more than I have in past many months. My observing self was at its peak and I have to write about it. 

Friday night I went to an eating place with few colleagues. We wanted to get a few drinks to mark closure to a hectic work week. The place was full with not even place to set foot in the bar. We were lucky to find a table. There are two things that told me I am old. First, was a couple snogging at the next table and their table was not even in a dark corner! They were surrounded with people and were happy in their own world. Second, more direct was one of the those one liners hung on the wall saying “If the music is too loud, you are probably too old”. That one was a serious reality check for me. After half hour of sitting there with friends, the music really was too loud.

Saturday night I stepped out in my LBD (which saw light of the day errr bright shining lights at night after long long time) to a new hip night club in downtown. I must say that I totally love Colaba, which I qualify as Mumbai downtown. This night club was full of kids. Umm yes I’m old. Even at our age we stayed till the club shut down, although we did step out every half hour to hear our own voice. After the first club shut, we managed to find our way into another club at one of the best hotels. The crowd here was more to our liking. They were wearing better clothes, not particularly grinding against each other, music was better, there were glass walls so we could see the seaside road view outside and more than anything else, we could hear our own voice once in a while. 

But this post is not about judging people on their looks or social presence or fashion. Its about feeling old and realizing that not a lot has changed.

I realized that the kids at the party are over a decade younger than me, thankfully not yet half my age. Some things never change in crowd at hot spots in India. 

There is still that group of girls who dress up for the night, who have recently learnt to use makeup, who know they are getting attention from boys and yet choose to ignore them and are in their own zone with their friends.

There is still that group of friends where there is a couple grinding against each other because they are young and wanting more and have probably recently started dating. There is still that single attractive girl in that group who all the boys want to dance with. There are still those boys and girls who are treated like a sidekick in the group. 

There is still that one couple who couldn’t care less about wearing kurta to a club, busy with each other drinking dancing eating.

There is still that one or two girls whose dressing sense shouts “look at me” and they dance like they need exorcism. 

There is still that one girl who would walk in alone, dance with 4-5 strangers and get a few free drinks.

There are those foreigners (mostly whites) backpacking in India and looking for some Indian fun, smiling at all attractive Indian women. 

And there are still some of us who would stand in a corner, get few drinks, dance with our friends a little bit, criticize the music and DJ and observe everyone around us. 



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