Energy vs Maturity

A few years back when I was on threshold of turning 30, a friend and I were talking about age and how it changes us. He and I are the kind of friends who talk about changing the world. And this was another one of those conversations. I am representing his thought and reflecting on how it fits to organizations.
We grow from being energetic and enthusiastic about everything in life and work to a place where we are mature, have better understanding of systems. Energy drives action and maturity brings more thought out strong decisions, wider perspective and better cognizance of context. Everyone shifts from energy to maturity and there is a period in life where these coincide. That is the period of growth to maximize on.
We start work and are very enthusiastic at any opportunity that comes our way. We grow into a mature person more aware of the world, systems and ways of the world. This maturity brings in a more refined thought process resulting from experience and exposure. And we sort of take more calculated risks at work and otherwise. There is also the pressure of responsibility and how a single mistake can have huge impacts.
There is an overlap stage where the shift from more energy to maturity happens. This is the potential to tab on. At workplace we need to lengthen this overlap stage. Enable our people to stay energized as they mature.
These are preliminary thoughts and I still need to build up on this theory that was shared with me.

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