Month: October 2011

A month at LSE

It’s now a month since I’ve been in London at THE London School of Economics. It doesn’t feel like its only been a month. The transition wasn’t drastic, it felt quite at home when I came here. I did not feel out of place. I am one of the oldest people around and yet it doesn’t feel like it, I’m not even treated like it which is good. Made some good friends, met some nice people, read some amazing inspiring books, heard some very accomplished people.
Some of the things our Department head, Saadi Lahlou, said resonate with me. He came for the induction and said that ‘you will rule the world’ in twenty years or earlier. That’s when I realised that this is not easy, it wasn’t easy to make it through to LSE. In more interactions he said things that have stayed with me. He said this year is like being in a candy shop. There is so much to do and we would want to do it all. We however need to prioritize. I’m still in awe of most of me professors. They are highly accomplished and knowledgeable. It was tough choosing electives because I wanted them all. I’m pushing myself by choosing some difficult ones on stats courses. Its a struggle, one that I’m enjoying and finding very satisfying.
How is London? Gorgeous, freezing, windy and I’m in love with it. I haven’t been out much to see the touristy places. I just love living here.