Month: July 2011

Mumbai Attacks – 7/13

I read my facebook wall today and see govt bashing and applauds for resilience of Mumbaikars. A mumbaikar told me that its ‘let me take care of myself’ and ‘civic sense’ to take smone to hospital when injured is what Mumbai is all about.
For people who go all out in govt bashing – Do we even know how many attacks could have or would have happened if govt was as useless as we say it is! That said I don’t know who is to blame for this.
Should we blame govt because they did not yet kill Kasab, the only surviving terrorist from the last brutal attacks on Mumbai. I do feel that our govt has to show a lot more spine in acting against terrorists. But what I don’t know is the measures put in place to prevent such attacks from happening.
Are Mumbaikars really resilient or is it a sort of complacency combined with fear? I’m sure people are scared when they step out of house everyday to go to work. I also feel that after every such attack they thank their Gods or spirits that they are safe this time.
There seems to be such little value for life in our country. Its a number counted for dead and injured. And 5 news channels show stories of 10 different families whose lives are devastated.
I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who said that if we have less value for lives then why don’t we send our people after these terrorists to take a decisive action. This should be easy considering we don’t care if a few people die. After all sacrifice is glorified since historical times.

Whatever the arguement, these attacks need to be stopped. We need to be more aggressive than following Gandhian principle of showing our other cheek to be attacked again and hoping one day terrorists will stop attacking us!