Month: May 2011

Isa ahmed

Thr r somethings in life that love to coincide. Like this morning i went to get puncture fixed n met this amazing kid – isa ahmed. He walked to me and said yes madam. I was looking for his father to tell him what i needed. Isa confidently asked me yes madam and then by himself told me timelines and started to take the tyre out for fixing. I was amazed at the courtesy and skill of a kid who looked no more than 10 years old. I walked to his shop and asked his father if his kid worked and his father very proudly said he does not he goes to school and that he was there in school holidays. The child was bearing heat of the sun to help his father and had not a sign of frown on his face at the work. I spoke to the kid, asked his name school and grade. He spoke to me with a beaming father next to him.
The coincidence is that. Went for movies after this and saw stanley ka dabba. The movie shows a kid who works in the evening and weekends at his uncles restaurant. The cook of the hotel is the only one kind and friendly to him. The movie depicts how stanley finds happiness in everything despite his circumstances. It shows how a poor kid manages school and is happy about it.
The corelation may not be direct between the two. The common theme was on how kids from lower income strata of the society are now becomng active in their education. Child education has been an area of interest to me and i feel happy to see it flourish in india. Now is it wrong for these kids to work to earn their way to school, i think yes. That said i feel we can comfortably focus on educating everyond, dealing with child labor is the second step to move to an ideal society.
For now i think i will go back to meet isa and see if i can help him.

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