Honest arrogance and hypocritic modesty

“Dekh is pyaale ki masti
Dol jaaye har ek pyaala “

lines written by my poet friend A on IM today. We were talking about to be or not to be modest.
It reminded me of something this guy S I’ve detested the most at work said to me. S and I were talking about a presentation and he said that its our modesty to not talk about a particular achievement. When it came to the presentation and someone said he did a good job, he started bragging about his sacrifice in achieving what we had done. I found it extremely hypocrytic.
Another friend, S, admits to being arrogant. She says that she made an early choice between honest arrogance and hyprocritic humility. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit to that specially for a girl in India. People can be extremely judgemental.

I feel honesty is better than hypocricy.


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