Keeping family together

Every family has something that keeps them connected. I remember R once asked me who i’m closest to in my family and i didn’t know how to answer that. I’m close to everyone in family.
Papa and I connect over spirituality and astrology. His legacy to me is his views of the metaphysical.
Ma has been a huge support to all of us in life. Her entire life runs around her children.
My sis and I have our own connection. We have lived together in bangalore and hyderabad away from home. She has brought a sanity in my life which is difficult to explain. She has always been around me a second support system.
My bro n I connect over many things.

How do families bond? In coffee with karan, the fakest gossip creating show ever, bachan children said they sms each other wherever they are. From airport or flight delay. Now thr family travels so it works for them to know who is where. Some families don’t let thr children go out so that they can stay with each other. There is usually one person in the family that keeps everyone together. The old saying that women transform a house to home is so very true. I have observed in most families its women who keep everyone together. They are also the ones who can split the family. My roomie in Pune S kept her family together. She spoke with her sisters all the time, guided them and supported them. In my friend A’s house its one of her sis who takes the role of supporting her family. When A got married her sister was the biggest help. I also feel this role is best played by The woman of the family – mother.
In my family Mom keeps calling us several times a day to know what we’re upto. Now when we speak so often and run out of important issues, we talk about trivial things like maid challenges, what we eat and in brother’s case whether he has wardrobe to survive sydney winters. In another family i know the lady of the family is only focussed on her son which has spoilt the dynamics of the family. One of the daughter feels left out. Its in times when i interact with them that i feel blessed to have family like mine.
We all go through the phase where we find some members of our family over intrusive or overwhelming. When we cross this phase of life is when the real family bonding shows up.

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