focus and perseverance

The two qualities difficult to come to me. One of my closest friends, lets call him J, is so anti me… he sets his eye on something and works relentlessly to achieve it and he always does it.
Discipline to follow your dreams is important to be a high achiever and to stay happy in life. Success is very individual, defined by people what they believe it is to them. To some it is wealth and all things luxurious a big car, big house. To some it is beautiful loving wife, kids, their education and they’re sorted. To some it is spirituality or to do good to others or respect. To some it is sacrificing it all for their loved ones.
What I like about J is that he has long term goal and sets short term goals that lead him to the bigger goal. I remember when in our undergrad he wanted to learn guitar, he bought one and did it. Then during recession he wanted to stick to IT industry and he struggled and found a job. When he wanted to switch his job and move to a particular city, he worked to prepare for interview, used all his connections to find as much as he could, applied and did it. His steps have moved slowly but steadly, be it his travel plans, marriage, his bike (Bullet), photography, progressing with guitar… whatever it is he has always been able to do it. I don’t want to jinx it so will hit my head or bite my tongue whatever it takes.
The reason J does it and gets it everytime is because he sets a single major goal at a time and keeps working towards it. He sleeps eats thinks breathes just his aspiration and makes sure he gets it.
I think it takes a lot to have this sort of committment, I admire him for this and hope to be able to pick a little bit of this quality.


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