Telangana and Auto rickshaw driver

I don’t usually think much about politics. This friend of mine who I’ll refer to as my CS (civil services) frend and I have had lots of discussions around structure of government – politicians and civil servants and how it works. So he told me that its a balance where politicians are supposed to look out for people needs and civil servants look at factors like feasibility and cost control etc. We recently had some discussions around Telangana and its effects.
The biggest thing that bothers me is involvement of Univ students. They are not letting the exams happen without probably realizing it effects an year of their life. Its precious specially at this young age. This is the time to make their career and unless its politics that everyone wants to get into I don’t understand why they would want to waste an year of their life. I feel sad for these kids.
The other is kids taking their life or a cause. I don’t see how suicide supports their cause.
Politicians are either too short sighted to lead the cause or they looking at people’s benefit and in this case people seem to be ‘they themselves’. Either way are we headed in the right direction and is anyone thinking long term before causing a stir. Have these leaders thought about the economical impact of their action.

The title mentions Auto rickshaw driver and that was my trigger to write about a topic I keep away from – politics. So I’m in an autorickkshaw andwe cross an MLA’s house where some protests were going on. I asked the driver to translate it for me and he said it was the Telangana protest to which I happened to make a casual comment about what a waste of time. That was enough to get him started.
The guy is from Mahboobnagar a district that comes under Telangana. He said he had moved to Hyd a few years back because it was prosperous with the foreign companies investing in the city. He told me about the drastic change in his daily wages; about
how Telangana will make the investors move out of Hyd and consider other locations which will be a huge loss to them; about how the entire state did not have much value till a decade back and had suddenly developed so much to the benefit of common people. He said in spite of being from Telangana he is against the idea of forming a separate state because its a loss for common people, people like him. Then he went on to talk about the student who burnt himself. From what he told me, the kid was an orphan who had grown up in some village, had worked his childhood to get educated and secure a scholarship for further education. Its a pity that a student who studied and made his life by himself, had aspirations in life, ended his life to form a separate state treating it like struggle for freedom. I’ll never understand its freedom from what and what cause can make people take their lives?

I don’t know what’s right or wrong, I don’t know if there should be Telangana… but I do feel this is not a cause worth giving or taking life over. Its not worth wasting a precious year of life over.


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