Indian Weddings

My sister got married on 7th. Seeing it this close I saw the essence of Indian marriage; I saw the rituals and the symbolism behind them.
The wedding preps weren’t easy with only 5 weeks to get everything done. I came to lucknow only about two weeks before the wedding and my brother only a week. We had our cousins who were a great help. I saw why brothers get importance at weddings and why the rituals involve them. My bro took care of many things with immense calmness. My cousins got every little thing done with just a word from us. Parents had all the time to sit around with relatives and spend time with them.
The rituals include brother handing over the responsibility of every little smile on her sister’s face to be brought by her husband. Sis cried a lot, my bro and I did not. May be cuz we haven’t stayed together for a while and we know she’ll find happiness in her marriage and we know that we’ll meet her just the way we always have.


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  1. … i know wat u r saying. Only after going through all this, we learn importance of each other. Wish we had more time to realise feelings hidden in other small Indian festivals.

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