Month: January 2009

10 myths about Pak

Read this article in Sunday Times today. It was interesting and very well written. It did clarify many illusions Indians have against Pakistan. Link –
What struck me after reading it was however, that all I’ve read on this topic of Indian and Pak is a single sided perspective – articles pointing how pak authorities are not acting, how pak is anti india, or the other side – defenses from Pak perspective, diversity in pak, pak is also as effected by same terrrorists as India and the list goes on. All the articles talking from either India or Pak end. I wonder if anyone has done or at least tried to do an objective analysis, seeing from both ends. Not just clarifying myths or generalizing that everything about Pakistan is anti India. I haven’t read many articles but of the few I have none offer any unbiased or non defensive perspective.

Is it that we’re in a debate where the writers have to choose in black or white, what about the colors in between. Is it that journalists or writers are required to write from a single end of the debate.
I’m quite passive when it comes to politics and stuff like that and chose not to have views. The reason is lack of research which if I have to do, I would have to be more involved. I do however hope to see an unbiased article stating the facts and putting them together rather than involving judgements and feelings on something as sensitive as India – Pak relations.